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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) With an eclectic fusion of grindcore, mathcore, and Jens Kidmanish vocals; this is another chance for ear-rape in 2015. Calculating Infinity-era DEP fed through a woodchipper. I particularly like the little moments where they set up what seems like a soaring melody...only to strangle it to the ground again. Full review on Favorite track: Contention: Chapter 2.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
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Can This Even Be Called Music? Ontario, Canada’s The Apex released some sort of technical deathcore album, good stuff for angry people. Favorite track: Promise.
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TurbinoZ100000 I like my music like I like my women, relentlessly jackhammering my eardrums. On that scale, this album is wife material.
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released February 21, 2015



all rights reserved


The Apex Windsor, Ontario

Steve - Guitar
Brian - Guitar
Tyson - Drums
Jer - Bass
Darren - Vocals

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Track Name: Contention: Chapter 2
I will fight until I die my god forgives me religion is a war and I shall serve it faith is something you take away from the bastards I am the one that is going to end this separate everything that I have everything that I have worked for I am your god I am your martyr death is something that you shall receive a place in paradise celebrating your coward attack for another lady to lie on your lap the smell of death and blood in the air another life taken without any care your brain is full of disease force-feeding me I am your envy bring the bastards down to their knees I am your god feed my fire never-ending insanity I will follow you worship you die for you kill for you kill for you worship you die for you
Track Name: Promise
disguised you hide lurking within the upper echelon waiting to strike at bleeding hearts we were miles apart deceived you thought you had us all fooled now the spotlight is on you exposed the false reality you call life tear down the walls you try to hide behind promise fallacy that you hide behind the best lies are stained with truth I gave you the world and you turned it down like the cheap piece of meat that you were born to be
Track Name: Means to an End
I cannot even seem to concentrate let alone hold a thought these distractions seem to keep us mounted like trophy game no solace in this selfish life trying to regain some sort of positive thought frustration and the constant reminder of burnt bridges to come sleep shit eat fuck repeat in and out of consciousness so focused on hopeless patterns living through the inspirations of idols daydreams become the present orgasmic aggressions overriding the self-doubt passion greatly outweighs the reality of a failure visions of what could be an industry littered with scabs and sheep an ongoing devotion in such a skilled trade mentally breaking the weak in its path easily denounced and refused of its acclaim thriving on the devastation fists clenched muscles tight nothing can explain that feeling of pride they are all looking at me anticipation inside let the sins begin and baffle their minds let the sins begin let ‘em begin
Track Name: Attack
disregarding everything around me I am trapped within a cynical mind fuck having failed in life displaying such vulgar motives I feed off your influence depression is eating away at my insides rejection in repeating rejection animosity builds the powers unleashed meltdown induction no way to contain aggression the only outcome is an attack unstable tendency unable to ignore it I have not gained a thing except the ability to rage the only outcome is an attack I am a sculpture of your ignorance I am the destruction of my own life
Track Name: Glass Walls
we burned our homes we exploited and used the one thing that is honest throwing rocks at glass walls this foundation was built to fail and we force-fed the machine this is all on us rewind fast-forward pause press stop eject digital download our passions governed by bit rate our dreams are strangled by torrents this is all on us something so pure turned into a whore an oversaturated whore betraying ourselves while our dreams die for convenience this is the end and we all played our part consider us all sold dedication to dying art is cursed in slow motion that lingers on for eternity you have learned to live with your ghost because it's the only thing you have left so pretend you are alive this is the end dying your whole life just to feel it but those days are dead and gone this plague drags on forever and ever this is the end of our era this machine never sleeps never this is all on us this is the end
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: If Detroit River Could Speak
another washes up another all washed up so much promise so much talent floats away the current consumes you head down wishing death impact in the nights breath what brought you here what was it staring in the mirror too much what was it she divides two cities of rot welcome to this hell we call home welcome to this hell this is the black hole to punishment torture forever torment loneliness torment heartlessness decay a wise man once said suburban homes lined up in rows they are all numbered like graves numbered like graves suffering alone twelve thousand eight hundred parts per million this isn't how it was these streets used to be paved with gold where did it go decline relapse ebb cancer rates murder rates date rape hell she’s been spent if Detroit River could speak
Track Name: You're Not Dead Yet?
your words were empty your soul is lies tainted by falseness I’m dead inside true colours exposed with greed leech you sucked 'til I died shallow actions made your bed insecurities fuelled your motives nothing could satisfy your needs you broke my soul crushed my dreams nothing is left trail of pain visible to the blind lies crazy your actions choked me I’ll never trust or love again the desire and the urge to live have slipped away your face my hate I live in disgust with many regrets time will not heal what you have done the grey areas we called life betrayal deceit your name is scum you're a heartless bitch
Track Name: The Girl Death Left Behind
labelled and forced into regression pushed back into a fictional reality a mind set on achievable goals she craves what she deserves the high levels intriguing aroused by the presence feeding off the negativity of the ignorant enduring the pressures of what life is supposed to be caring not of the norm breaking and forming her mould creativity pushed to new forms comic model extreme common practices turned into fascinations simple yet sophisticated dominating all in the path laughing in the faces of nonbelievers grabbing life by the stereotypical horns a blue-eyed starlet's ready to fuck the world
Track Name: Contention: Chapter 1
you brought this hell onto me sacrificing living that life that waste that was nothing death has its time for the black spirit in you six feet below with a gravestone above you take us away from this the killing never ends in a land full of bliss the maiming never ends he just does not exist today is my fate the fire it still burns inside there is nothing that I would not do for you a child is taken away filled with hate outrage master of evil let it be known your way to the afterlife let the massacre unfold mutiny created a living hell the white flag sails with an abundance of shells all of this is useless and means nothing at all feed my fire never-ending insanity raise the white flag